3 August 1919 BOULEVARD NO. 3

Pos. 62, code TM-II-has-To-06097_ the Assembly of the urban "Fabric" (II)

The building is situated in Fabric district and it was built at the beginning of the 20th Century, in Szecesszió style. Its form contains: a semi-basement, a ground floor and 2 upper floors. The facade is particularly ornated with zoomorphics motifs (owls), twisted ribbons (”coup de fouet”) and feminine portraits surrounded by vegetal motifs. The rounded corner is sustained by 4 columns and the ornaments from above the last top-floor  are holding few frontal figures with lions and 2 grotesque masks that support the balconette from the main entrance. From 1992 until the 1950s when the nationalization occured, the house belonged to the Society of Actions for the Wood Industry- ”Mundus si Borlova Armenis”. They used the property as housing for employees or offices.

The long-term promotion of Heritage branding is one of the main objectives of Timisoara Premium Exposed City. The buildings restored will generate the architectural and touristic path of FABRIC historical district. The generated impact will confer a stronger visibility for investors, tourists and the local community.
Photo credit by: Daliana Iacobescu


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Timișoara Premium Exposed City - Reabilitarea clădirilor istorice din Timișoara - Blv. 3 august 1919 nr. 3