Alexandru Mocioni Square NO. 6

Pos. 63, code TM-II-s-B-06098_ the Site of urban "Old Neighborhood of Iosefin"

The Palace from this address was built between 1910 and 1911 in the form of a semi-basement, ground floor and 2 upper floors, at the request of Béla Fiatska. The building was used as a report house and the owner, who was extremely rich through the rental of this kind of buildings, was also passionate about philately. The beautiful ornaments include feminine portraits and vegetal motifs. Another interesting aspect is represented by the asymmetry of the windows` frames and the distances between them, so the building can be divided in several volumes. 

The long-term promotion of Heritage branding is one of the main objectives of Timisoara Premium Exposed City. The buildings restored will generate the architectural and touristic path of IOSEFIN historical district. The generated impact will confer a stronger visibility for investors, tourists and the local community.  
Photo credit by: Daliana Iacobescu


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Timișoara Premium Exposed City - Reabilitarea clădirilor istorice din Timișoara - Piața Mocioni nr. 6