Unirii Square NO. 2

Pos. 60, code TM-II-Has-06095_ the Site of the urban district "the City of Timişoara"

The edifice was built in 1752 as a house with ground-floor and a top-floor, beeing used as workshop and housing. Its owner was Mathias Simon. In 1828 the new owner was Lazar Lazarovits. Instead of the workshop situated on the ground floor, he opened ”La Trei Husari” hostelry. During the inter-war period, two more levels were added to the building. The ground floor and the first top-floor preserved the original masonry with plastic expression characteristic for the villas from the inter-war period. Later on, the building was not fitting in the landscape of Unirii Square, so in 1983 it had a new facade, built in Historical Eclectic style by the architect Serban Sturza. Above the 3rd floor it has a fronton with Baroque elements. The Eclectic decoration with Classic and Baroque elements gives a distinguished appearance for the building.

The long-term promotion of Heritage branding is one of the main objectives of Timisoara Premium Exposed City. The buildings restored will generate the architectural and touristic path of TIMISOARA FORTRESS historical district. The generated impact will confer a stronger visibility for investors, tourists and the local community.  
Photo credit by: Daliana Iacobescu


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Reabilitarea clădirilor istorice din Timișoara - Timișoara Premium Exposed City