„Timisoara Premium Exposed City gives a new chance for the preservation of the Heritage. This is the moment when the concept will be better understood by the citizens of Timisoara. There is a need for a local strategy to be promoted, in order to inform the citizens about Heritage, conservation, restoration and what steps can be followed by each individual to preserve the historic substance of the city. Timisoara is well known for its civic spirit and the project highlights the easy way for the citizens to contribute to the image of the historic city to the palpable reality of 2021. ”The optics of a society suffers changes through the process of learning and by the power of exemple”, says Tîrtea Maria- Immovable Heritage Counselor, DJC TIMIS. Expose Architecture Association, Timis County Cultural Directorate and the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Italy in Timisoara, along with their partners, RUR- West Territorial Bureau, La Sapienza University from Rome and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Italy have launched the absolute premiere- Timisoara Premium Exposed City. Timisoara Premium Exposed City aims to increase the number of restored buildings by 2021, to create and to promote on long-term the branding of Heritage at the city level, with impact on regional, national and European levels also. Specifically, it aims to identify a number of 20-30 buildings from the historical areas of Timisoara (Traian, Iosefin, Fortress Area) that will be promoted in order to attract investors for the restoration of the Heritage buildings.    
We envisage private to private actions (replicated on multi-buildings) between property owners and funders, with the support of public institutions and organizations that have attributions and responsabilities in the field of activity. Investors should act by their own conviction and willingness to contribute and be directly involved, at a time when the city needs to prepare its architectural and urban image for TM2021, by rebuilding the facades of the buildings from the historical districts and bringing up their true value. The first stage of the project is to identify the viable buildings for restoration and then we will enter the second stage of the project- the public appeal to investors. The process of co-opting the donors will be prioritized, starting from local, to regional, national and then to the European/international levels. The online platform of the project is outlined in parallel with the development of the project and will allow the tracking of the approach in real-time. The result will put emphasize on an architectural/touristic roadmap in Timisoara, which follows up the restored buildings and will be doubled by a strong Heritage identity for the city, generated by the mutual transfer of building-investor image.

Timisoara Premium Exposed City is a civic-driven project that requires courage, networking and direct involvement, so we will appeal on all of those who have financial and social power and decision making also. We will reach the persons who believe in their chance to mark the history of Timisoara.
Arch. Raluca PESCAR- President of Expose Architecture Association


Expose Architecture Association is a non-governmental association, with public benefits, that has been established on the 8th of March, 2011. The purpose of the Association is to support and organize activities designed to contribute to the development of a sustainable society through the Analysis, Diagnosis and Integration of Architectural and Urban Systems.
The County Directorate for Culture, Cults and National Cultural Heritage of Timis (DCCPCNJ Timis), as a deconcentrated public service of the Ministry of Culture, Cults and National Identity, has the main objective to ensure the conditions for exercising the right to education and acces to culture for all the citizens of Timis County, regardless of religious, ethnic or sexual affiliation and in accordance with their freely expressed options.
The Registry of Urbanists in Romania, through the Territorial Office of the West Development Region Timisoara, has as specific activities the specialization and continuous training of urban planners in Romania, regarding the qualification in the field, monitoring the exercise of the right of signature and extrajudicial expertise in the filed of urban and spatial planning.
Sapienza University of Rome is one of the the world`s top Universities, due to the quality of research and education programs. La Sapienza University offers more than 250 programs and over 200 Vocational Master Classes.
The main objective of the CCIpR is to foster the development of trade between Romania and Italy and the collaboration between the investors of the two countries, providing information and assistance in the internationalization process. The CCIpR also represents the interests of its own associates in front of the Romanian authorities.
The Honorary Consulate of Italy in Timisoara performs the official notary functions for the Italian diaspora. Under the patronage of its Excellency, the Italian Consul in Timisoara, it organizez a series of cultural actions for the promotion of Timisoara, in the context designed by the moment of 2021- TM European Capital of Culture.
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